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Posted in this trailer blows by schubertonfilm on March 28, 2010

It’s trying so hard to be cool but just winds up looking like a second-rate version of your average big budget action blockbuster. Let’s put no-name actors next to slow-motion action, make sure to include an awful one-liner in between every explosion and you have a movie that will make no money because no one cares about these actors: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (so you were in the Watchmen. Nobody cares about that movie either), Jason Patric ( I love you but you’re taking a paycheck you sunofabitch) and ESPECIALLY the upcoming “Captain America” – Chris Evans. Who actually likes this guy? He’s obnoxious. I guess people care about Avatar’s Zoe Saldana so maybe someone will go see it, but it’s easy as pie to see The Losers is a second-rate studio quickie for the mentally challenged filmgoer.